Our Services


Orange Wolf Studios is the brainchild of Dan & Diana Kaplan - a husband-wife creative team based out of Melbourne Beach, FL. Diana specializes in motion design and 2D-animation, while Dan works on iOS app development.

What We Do

At Orange Wolf Studios, we offer motion design and animation services with a focus on 2-D animation created in Adobe After Effects. Types of projects we work on include looping GIFs, character animation, kinetic typography, logo animation, video titles/graphics, animated sticker packs, explainer videos, invitations and infographics.

How We Can Help You

Since we're a small design house, we take on custom jobs that larger clients may not. Some of our previous work includes:

  • Animated Wedding Invitations
  • Explainer Videos
  • Advertisements
  • YouTube Video Introductions and Supporting Animations

Contact Diana at diana@orangewolfstudios.com if you'd like more information.